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Best Family Park Award: Red Morton Community Park - Redwood City


BFP Award - San Mateo County: Red Morton Community Park, Redwood City

We have awarded our first BFP (Best Family Park) Award in San Mateo County, to Red Morton Community Park in Redwood City! 

With one of the best Bay Area cities to rent or own real estate property, and is half way between San Francisco and San Jose, and also claims the title "Best Climate" in the Bay Area, this Redwood City park is a great park to take the family to on the weekend or holiday, or whenever time allows!


Bay Area Real Estate: Do you agree with principal reductions?


Do you favor principal reductions, or are you against this government real estate "bailout"?  Recent data shows that the real estate market is showing positive signs of coming back, however, some say that the slightest down trend in any area of real estate could possibly cause the market to tank again.  And if principal reductions are going to keep homeowners from losing their homes, then this will help keep foreclosure statistics from climbing back up.  The question is, at what cost?


Bay Area Real Estate: Help sell your home... with a great attitude!


As a blogger, former seller, and future seller, I can testify to the fact that you can definitely help sell your home... with a great attitude!  Now, your real estate agent will do everything in their power to sell your house in the quickest and most profitable way possible for you.  However, you as a seller play a big role in getting your single resident property off the real estate market as fast as you can! 


Top 10 California Real Estate News Articles for June 2012


Here are our Top 10 California and Nationwide Real Estate News Articles for June 2012:

Calif. homes sell at fastest pace in three years
California’s housing market moved at its fastest pace — and biggest year-over-year gain — in three years in May, according to the California Association of Realtors.


From Zillow:

Homes for sale in the Bay Area, but with 40% wealth loss is now a good time to buy?


Homes for sale in the Bay Area, but with Americans losing 40% of their wealth, is now a good time to buy?


A few weeks ago, the LA Times as well as every other news outlet reported that the typical American familiy lost an average of 40% of their wealth from 2007 to 2010, according to a Federal Reserve report.  Were you hit by this fiscal loss?  I know I was, and that average percentage just about hit it on target.  I have a few friends who also have lost just as much, some more, some less.  Never the less, it put us all in the same boat, we all have lost wealth in these last few years. But who hasn't?  The better question may be, what should we do from here?


Bay Area Real Estate: Kitchen remodel, is it worth it?


Bay Area Real Estate: Is that kitchen remodel really worth it?

Are you trying to increase the value of your home by remodeling the kitchen? Do you think you are going to get equal or more return on investment for that complete remodel of your kitchen?  During the housing boom of the early to mid 2000's, remodeling of the kitchen was on the top of the list of both buyers and sellers of homes for sale. A return on investment used to be well worth the money and time invested.  This may not be the case anymore.


Bay Area Real Estate: Trying to decide whether to buy or rent?


Bay Area Real Estate: Which is better, buying or renting property?  We have all been there.  Pondering this question every time we are about to move from apartment to apartment, or from house to house.  If you are a renter, then the question is, if you would be better off purchasing a home.  And if you're a property owner, you may be thinking to yourself if renting would be the better option when you start packing those bags and start looking for new homes in the Bay Area.


Bay Area Real Estate: Location, location.... location?


Is location really that important when looking for homes for sale or a place to rent?  Is the location of your property within the proximity of the good schools in the neighboehood? Are you willing to pay more for good location? Like anything else, good location is in the eyes of the beholder.  One person's ordinary things can be another man's treasure!

Nationwide Open House Weekend 2012 this Sat/Sun.


This Saturday and Sunday April 28-29 in the Bay Area, as well as across the country, hundreds of homes for sale will open their doors to potential buyers with agents ready to explain the benefits of home ownership, bringing buyers and sellers together.

Nationwide Open House Weekend 2012! 

Bay Area Real Estate: Review - Get that House Inspection… yesterday


With next weekend coming up as one of the busiest weekends for Open House showings in the Real Estate market, we thought we would re share this blog from last October about the importance of home inspections. Whether you will be looking at homes for sale by owner, or assisted by real estate agents, this step cannot be missed.  Happy house hunting!  


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