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Bay Area Real Estate: Location, location.... location?


Is location really that important when looking for homes for sale or a place to rent?  Is the location of your property within the proximity of the good schools in the neighboehood? Are you willing to pay more for good location? Like anything else, good location is in the eyes of the beholder.  One person's ordinary things can be another man's treasure!

property location

When looking for a house to purchase, remember one thing: Make sure you select a house at a location that best fits you!

You may be able to purchase a property that is in the hills, but if you find a house that is $100k lower but is closer to stores and freeway access and is still a nice neighborhood, if it fits what you want, than why not!  Listen, there maybe nothing worse for a home owner, then buyer's remorse, not because the condition of the house, but the condition of your total happiness.  And for a homeowner, choosing to live in the right location that fits you is a big contributor to your happiness!


When me and my wife decided that we would move to a new place with our kids, our first and only priority was to find a house with more bedrooms and space for our kids.  As we looked at more and more houses, location really started to move near the top of our checklist.


Park near house location.


As an invester, you want to purchase a home that has good potential resale value, and so we visited a house that was maybe ten years old or maybe less.  The neighborhood was quiet, and up in the hills, away from noise and a very nice place to live.  However, since this was not an investment property per se, my wife did not want the house in the hills, she wanted a house closer to the town center, and closer to a park and freeway.  We did eventually find a house near the places that she desired, and even though the house is probably ten to fifteen years older than the house on the hill, it is still in good shape, and the neighborhood is very nice and the convenience of stores and two parks and freeway access nearby, makes our new home, a very good location for our family's needs!


So remember the next time you are ready for that next real estate property search, whether it's a rental property search or properties sales search, the best location to live is the place where you will be most happy!  Have a great real estate day!


With 5 kids, definitely stores and nearby parks to walk or bike to! We love the location of our new house!
Posted @ Saturday, May 12, 2012 10:25 AM by Rich Navarro
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