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Bay Area Real Estate: Help sell your home... with a great attitude!


As a blogger, former seller, and future seller, I can testify to the fact that you can definitely help sell your home... with a great attitude!  Now, your real estate agent will do everything in their power to sell your house in the quickest and most profitable way possible for you.  However, you as a seller play a big role in getting your single resident property off the real estate market as fast as you can! 


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Here are some ideas to help sell your home faster, some new ideas and some in reference to some of our past blog articles to review:

  • Presentation: Make the front area of your home and the entry way attractive and clear of clutter.

  • Organize: Buyers know you're moving, but don't advertise it!  Put all moving boxes out of sight as much as you can, maybe in the garage in neat straight lines, or hidden if possible

  • Availability: Ever see those for-sale signs that have the mini-sign above it "Do not disturb family"?  Are you serious about selling your house or not?  Get into the frame of mind to make your home available to every potential buyer at any reasonable time of any day.  You never know who your home buyer will be and when they may have time for a showing of your house.

  • Great attitude: If buyers don't request you to vacate the property for sale for them to view it, have a great upbeat attitude and converse with them!  If you have a bad attitude or give one word answers, they may think something is wrong with the property.  Some may think there are bad "vibes" in the house and will not come back.  There's nothing like a great attitude!

  • Yard cleanliness: No matter how small or big your front and/or backyard, keep it clean and trim!  Some buyers can get turned off by unkept yards.

  • Small repair: Kitchen wall holes, cracked windows, chipped paint, leaking faucets, broken light bulbs, you get the idea...  And if you can't do these small repairs yourself, find a handyman in your local Pennysaver or newspaper.


Listen, I'm not saying that these alone will sell your property for sale faster, but who puts their home on the real estate market, and wants it to stay on the market for a long time?  Every little bit that makes your home look more attractive to potential buyers along with your great seller attitude, can definitely help sell your home faster than you know!


And as always, have a great real estate day!


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