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Best Family Park Award: Red Morton Community Park - Redwood City


BFP Award - San Mateo County: Red Morton Community Park, Redwood City

We have awarded our first BFP (Best Family Park) Award in San Mateo County, to Red Morton Community Park in Redwood City! 

With one of the best Bay Area cities to rent or own real estate property, and is half way between San Francisco and San Jose, and also claims the title "Best Climate" in the Bay Area, this Redwood City park is a great park to take the family to on the weekend or holiday, or whenever time allows!


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Red Morton Community Park covers 31.74 acres in this nice mostly three bedroom houses community on Roosevelt Street, and has areas that will cater to almost any age from 1 to 99 and beyond!   Enter the first parking lot off of Roosevelt Street, and you will find the main picnic table area, where you can barbeque while watching the small ones play in the sandlot playground. 

park playground


Or, the kids can play in the playground while you play a game of softball or baseball in the baseball field right next to the playground (if there are no city league games being played).  For the athletic teen there's a skater's park for skaters and bike enthusiasts.  And next to this skater's section is a small fenced in work out area with certain durable workout equipment like a stair stepper, arm crunchers, etc.  Get your cardio game on!

skaters park


There are four tennis courts, with a mini playground just outside the courts so the small ones can play also.  There's also an outdoor swimming pool, only open during summer, but is great since Redwood City weather is almost alwasy fantastic during the summer!  There's a senior center that holds various activities during the week.  In the community center, there are indoor basketball courts, along with activities and games for teens during the week as well.


tennis court

What really sold us on this park were all these various sections of the park that has something for everyone.  The park covers a good amount of space, but not too big that you need to jump in the car to get to the other side, this also makes it a nice park for you and the kids to ride your bikes around it. 


The location is also good for a nearby supermarket run in case you forgot something for your barbeque, or if you have a bike, you can just do a bike run as the store is probably only 4 or 5 blocks away.  And the last perk was the weather!  Most spring through summer days are great park-weather days here, not too windy as most parks in the upper San Mateo county are, but weather is comfortable to warm, making the park that much more enjoyable.  A great park if you buy a home for sale, or look to rent an apartment or house nearby in this lovely real estate area.


So for San Mateo County, our BFP Award goes to Red Morton Community Park in Redwood City.. congratulations!


Do you have a favorite family park in your county?  Leave the park name in our blog comment section!


And as always, have a great Real Estate day!


Red Morton Community Park web page:


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