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Finding a home or investment property via bank foreclosure listings. Part 2


This is a continuation of last week’s blog: Finding a home or investment property via bank foreclosure listings.  Last week we discussed the possible material obstacles when attempting to buy a foreclosed property, this week we’ll close out the discussion with the possible financial difficulties of the transaction, and closing remarks.


Finding a home or investment property via bank foreclosure listings.


(Blogger: Rich Navarro)  … When I was younger and bought my first car, I bought a car stereo from a man in a black overcoat just outside a stereo store.  Since it was a bargain, I bought it as is, and luckily it worked when I wired it up. Sorting through bank foreclosure listings to buy a foreclosure  (a property the bank has taken from the owner because they stopped paying the mortgage) is almost the same thing; its a great bargain, but you buy as is, and there are no guarantees about the property, also there’s no man in a black overcoat, well, unless a real estate agent dresses like that .

Bay Area Real Estate | Pricing your home to sell


Although we will do everything we know how to sell a home quickly, at the best price, and with no hassles, the one thing we cannot control or change is the market.
Even though we know how valuable your home is, the value of your home from a selling standpoint will be determined solely by the buyers.

A Good Short Sale Agent…


(This is a repost from an earlier date to share again with you.)  ... Short Sales are not a new topic these days. The majority of homeowners are doing their homework and realizing the Short Sale route is in their best interest. However, there are some negative stores where the transaction fails by leaving the Homeowner in foreclosure.

She said she’d call me in the morning…


That first night was wonderful! All the promises, all the excitement! Yes, this was really going to work. But… she lost interest. Very soon, the initial excitement died and then she stopped calling. If I wanted to find out what was going on, I had to call.

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