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First Impressions Are Lasting!


When potential buyers approach a potential property in their cars, they make their first decision: Whether or not to STOP and look inside. Therefore, a neat, attractive yard entices a buyer to view your home. Please carefully evaluate every aspect of your yard.


Moving to a new house? Check this list for some moving tips…


Moving to a new house or apartment can be a big project.  Whether you’re moving out of town or just a local move, here is a list of suggestions for your big transition!


Evaluate the Inside of Your Property Through the Critical Eyes of the Buyer!


If you are about to, or are in the process of selling your house, here are some suggestions to give your house a look that sells!


Discount Broker Vs. Paymon’s Real Estate Group

  • A discount broker can actually make more money by selling one of our listings rather than selling your property
  • Your property is an asset to a discount broker: Their for-sale sign on your front lawn makes their phone ring, which brings more customers for them...


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