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Best Family Park Award: Red Morton Community Park - Redwood City


BFP Award - San Mateo County: Red Morton Community Park, Redwood City

We have awarded our first BFP (Best Family Park) Award in San Mateo County, to Red Morton Community Park in Redwood City! 

With one of the best Bay Area cities to rent or own real estate property, and is half way between San Francisco and San Jose, and also claims the title "Best Climate" in the Bay Area, this Redwood City park is a great park to take the family to on the weekend or holiday, or whenever time allows!


Bay Area Real Estate: Do you agree with principal reductions?


Do you favor principal reductions, or are you against this government real estate "bailout"?  Recent data shows that the real estate market is showing positive signs of coming back, however, some say that the slightest down trend in any area of real estate could possibly cause the market to tank again.  And if principal reductions are going to keep homeowners from losing their homes, then this will help keep foreclosure statistics from climbing back up.  The question is, at what cost?


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