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Answers to some common questions about pricing and agents.


I don’t want to pay an agent’s commission. Won’t I make more money if I sell my home alone?
It would appear that way. But according to 2010 National Association of Realtors statistics (NAR), the median selling price of a home for sale by owner (FSBO) was 28% less than agent–assisted transactions.


What Your Home Is / Is Not Worth


The Market Value of Your Home is NOT:


House hunting wearing you down? Don’t settle for less!


(Blogger: Rich Navarro)  … You know you want that cheesecake.  You know you do.  I know it, you know it, the dog knows it.  We all know, you want that cheesecake. You grab the keys, drive to the supermarket, all they have is frozen cheesecake.  You jump back in the car, you go to the three local bakeries.  One has plain cheesecake, the other has chocolate cheesecake, and the third bakery only has flan.  That’s not cheesecake!!  Finally, you decide to head back home but find a mom and pop bakery along the way, they have the blueberry cheesecake, just like the picture!


Get that House Inspection… yesterday


(Blogger: Rich Navarro) .. Hold the champagne, hold the party hats, put the streamers and horns back in their bags. So you’ve found the perfect match, you and your new house, but you don’t think a house inspection is needed. Everything looks fine as far as you can tell. However, skipping that house inspection would be like marrying someone you just met on the street, they sure may look good, but you don’t know what kind of issues they may have!

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