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Bay Area Real Estate: Staging your house to sell!


When you are ready to list your home for sale in the Bay Area Real Estate market, one of the most important steps is to prepare your house to sell.  Arranging your rooms and all visible areas to appeal to the eye of the buyer, is of utmost importance.  This is called "Staging".  If you are going to have an Open House for potential buyers to view your property, staging your house is key to bringing them back for that all important second visit.


Real Estate repair: Chipped paint wall or ceiling - How to repair and paint!


Whether you're going to put up your home for sale, or just want to do a little maintenance, those small areas of chipped paint on your wall or ceiling can be little eye sores.  These little eye sores are just a few easy steps away from total restoration!  Just watch our short how-to-repair video, and your interior wall or ceiling will be just like new!

Have a great real estate day!

A New Way to do mobile Bay Area Real Estate search.. on the go!


A New Way to do mobile Bay Area Real Estate search.. on the go!

With the rise in popularity of smart phones, the ability to search for real estate listings online while on the road is a must these days. And we want to let you to know that is ready to meet your mobile real estate needs!


Bay Area Real Estate | North Bay vs South Bay?


Bay Area Real Estate | Better living: North Bay vs South Bay?

Some say it's a no brainer as to which part of the Bay area is the most desirable place to live. The best place to live in the Bay Area is.... well, before we give the answer, let's explore a little bit of each area.   Whether you're going to move into an apartment for rent, or looking for houses for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area, deciding which city or county  to live in can be a difficult choice to make.  I mean, come on, we live in the best area in the world!  The weather, the variety, the diversity, makes this great Bay Area a mini-America!


Bay Area Real Estate News | February Top 10 Real Estate News Roundup


Bay Area Real Estate News | February Top 10 Real Estate News Roundup

California seeks suspension of foreclosures
California officials have asked the federal government to suspend real estate foreclosures in the state and consider reducing mortgages for those at-risk homeowners who have loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Bay Area Real Estate Report | NAR to Obama: Lay off the mortgage interest deduction!


A few weeks ago, National Association of Realtors® President Moe Veissi issued a statement aimed at Obama's budget proposal that can be summarized as follows: "Lay off the mortgage interest deduction!" (MID). 


Homeowners in the Bay Area, or California for that matter can relate to this. Californians are already at a high tax rate.  Income tax, sales tax, gas tax, property tax, recycle tax, phone surcharge tax, utility tax, and many other taxes, to eliminate the MID would only add another burden to California homeowners.  And the NAR is making notice that they aren't too keen on Obama's budget proposal to limit real estate itemized deductions.


Bay Area Real Estate Short Sales: Mortgage Debt Relief Act is expiring Dec 2012


ALERT! For those thinking of doing a short sale on your primary residency: Time is running out!  The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 will be expiring this coming December 31 2012, if it is not extended by the government before then. 


Homes for sale by owner: Do they recover their costs?


Homes for sale by owner: Do they recover their costs? The FSBO vs Agent assisted dilemma. Should you consider selling your house by yourself?  For sale by owner (FSBO) homes can seem to be a sure way to save on agent fees and pocket the money you saved, but is it the best route to sell your home?  Or are you better off leaving all the leg work and legal work to an agent?  Like most scenarios, there are two sides to the story.  But the bottom line is in the end, will it all be worth the cost.


Will Obama's mortgage proposal plus the best rate mortgages help?


Will Obama's mortgage proposal from the State Of The Union address plus the best mortgage rates in decades, help the housing market this time?  With many properties underwater or on the brink of short sale status, and record low mortgage rates, the opportunity seems to be there for these homeowners to keep their homes.


Top 10 California Real Estate News Articles for January 2012


Top 10 real estate news articles for January 2012...

Here are news articles that we found of interest to share with our readers:


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